Our services include:



Expert property management
• Cleaning of premises and facilities
• Maintenance of engineering communications
• Organization of minor repairs and technical assistance
• 24/7 emergency service


Engineering and technical service and repair work
• Maintenance and auditing of electrical networks
• Maintenance of heating system
• Maintenance of water supply and sewerage system
• Maintenance of elevators
• Maintenance of intercom systems, codes, barriers, and gates
• Regular inspection, maintenance, and repair of utilities
• Emergency service available 24/7




Cleaning Services:
• Daily housekeeping
• On-call cleaning services
• Spring-cleaning
• General cleaning after events and repairs
• Hygiene supplies replenishment
• Window cleaning


Landscaping Services:
• Daily cleaning of the premises and territory after events
• Lawn mowing, maintenance, planting and aeration
• Mechanized cleaning of the property’s hard surfaces
• Removal of leaves and branches
• Grass mowing on roadways and ditches
• Snow cleaning and removal
• Anti-slip material sprinkling on sidewalks and roadways
• Facade washing


Landscape Design and Plant Care:
• Green space designing
• Perennial and woody plant installation and maintenance
• Care and maintenance of indoor plants


Trust us with your real estate maintenance and operations in Latvia, and we promise to deliver exceptional services.