Rent / Sale

We offer an individual approach to finding real estate rental and selling real estate, based on your needs and capabilities.

Our specialists will facilitate the search for real estate for purchase or lease, and will take into account your wishes.

Real estate servicing and management

Within the strategic direction of commercial and residential objects, NVEL provides a package of services for the management and servicing of real estate. The company focuses on servicing NVEL’s built commercial and residential buildings and addresses all administrative and technical issues in the area of servicing buildings. The company provides guarantees, cosmetic and major repairs, so the company maintains a high level of quality and guarantees comfortable conditions for living and office space use.

Our professional approach will ensure your peace of mind in serving practical issues. Real estate servicing: all organizational issues that arise in the course of ownership of the property. From the search of tenants, the conclusion of all necessary contracts to insurance and regular cleaning of premises, adjoining territory, etc.Real estate operation: all issues related to the physical condition of your real estate and current work. From repairs and restoration of premises and facades to regular communications services for the building and control of the general condition of the real estate.